The objective of eHEALTH Healthcare Summit, Jaipur is to bring forward the Information Technology (IT) initiatives taken to facilitate quality care in Rajasthan. The summit aims to provide a vibrant platform for the innovators, investors and to engage private companies with the state government. It will also be a platform for all the state health ministry’s to exchange knowledge and best practices with each other.

• Develop a roadmap for changing the paradigm for health service delivery in Rajasthan by showcasing high potential healthcare initiatives, deliberating on challenges and identifying opportunities through public private partners.
• Showcase stellar innovations from the state and service delivery models from public and private sector which can significantly improve access to healthcare service delivery in Rajasthan
• Recognize and award the contribution of frontline workers and individuals who contributed towards overcoming development challenges through innovations and performance.

Proposed Program

• The Summit will bring together over 250 national, state, community and international leaders from government, private sector, funders and development partners, social enterprises, healthcare innovators, academia and media who would form the healthcare ecosystem to support the scale up.

• The Summit will be one day event which will include a variety of activities ranging from high level panel, showcase of innovations, technical sessions.